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Employees Testimonials


In the short time that I’ve known him, Daniel has been an incredible person to work with.

He has been one of the most caring, collaborative, and flexible employers I have had the pleasure to meet. Doing what’s right is always foremost for him.

Daniel always values ideas and input from all sources. He is always engaged and continuously seeks improvement in his management and work style. This is something that I’ve found is rare among co-workers and managers.


Working for DG Pressure Washing has been one of the most rewarding work experiences I’ve ever had. It is quite a breath of fresh air to have an employer who listens and truly cares about their employees.

Daniel fosters a great working environment and is committed to finding ways to support his employees and make them feel valued. Daniel seeks to understand and support his employees, even if that means allowing them to put their families first when necessary.

I would highly recommend him as an employer, and his dedication to his community and his employees is what makes him such a respectable business owner. I thoroughly enjoy working with, and for, Daniel of DG Pressure Washing!

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