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A Note From the Founder

I'm Daniel Gonzalez, and I started this company to fund my college education. I am still a full-time student, and that goal is still very much alive. Through this business I have met and helped so many people, and I would love for you to be one of them. 

Everyone has contractor horror stories, but we pride ourselves on delightful customer interactions and beautiful work. 


I can't say enough good about my experience with DG Pressure Washing. I had Daniel help with a multi day complex project. His communication was on point, his work quality was far better than required, and he kept a very clean workspace. I had a very positive experience. Daniel enjoys his work and it shows in his customer interactions and quality control.

Philip Ahrens

Featured Services

Gutter Cleaning

Leaving your gutters clogged can cause bigger problems down the line. We offer gutter and downspout cleanings to ensure the water stays where it belongs.


Pressure Washing

Pressurized water erases the gunk on hardy surfaces. This is great for cleaning brick or concrete, like driveways and patios.

Roof Treatments


Keep your roof strong and healthy by eliminating growth. Unlike pressure washing, our premium chemical treatment kills moss and algae without harming the roof.

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